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Test Results

For us, transparency is key. We feel our customers should know everything about what they're consuming and ask the important questions. On each container of concentrate purchased from G², you'll find a QR code that will pull up the test results for the product you're consuming. The test results contain a detailed breakdown on the cannabinoids, residuals and terpenes found in each and every batch to encourage a more transparent and educated market.

All testing is done locally by CannTest in Anchorage to provide consistent and reliable information to our customers. 

Cultivated by:

Velvet Train (Sugar Wax)  Batch #1 | 7-7-2021

This run of concentrate was made using product from the experts over at Black Rapids cultivation in Fairbanks, AK. It is a blend of their Blue Velvet & A-Train rounded out with a dash of their Permafrost.


This batch of sugar wax came out ridiculously smooth, with roughly 0 residual solvents. Despite the gassy nature of the source products, the Velvet Train smells tangy and fresh and has a sweet & floral exhale. The high is a wonderful balance of relaxing and creative, with an incredibly comfy euphoria that slowly envelopes you over the duration of your journey. This is a TRUE hybrid, where people on both sides of the indica/sativa spectrum will find enjoyment; enough of a brain tickle and creativity for you sativa fans and enough body relaxation and carefree vibes for the indica lovers.


Total THC: 75.13%

Total CBD: 0.51%

Total Cannabinoids: 92.19%

Total Terps: 2.02%

   -B-Caryophyllene: 0.57%

   -Limonene: 0.47%

   -B-Myrcene: 0.34%

Total Residuals: 0.71 Butane PPM (Particles per Million)

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