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Test Results

For us, transparency is key. We feel our customers should know everything about what they're consuming and ask the important questions. On each container of concentrate purchased from G², you'll find a QR code that will pull up the test results for the product you're consuming. The test results contain a detailed breakdown on the cannabinoids, residuals and terpenes found in each and every batch to encourage a more transparent and educated market.

All testing is done locally by CannTest in Anchorage to provide consistent and reliable information to our customers. 

Cultivated by:

Blueberry Pie (Shatter)  
Batch #: DB-1-37F3 | 12-14-2021      Indica

This run of shatter is made entirely of Blueberry Tang & Beachberry Pie, both grown by our friends over at Parallel 64 in Anchorage, AK. 


Brace yourselves ladies & gentlemen, this is the concentrate you've been waiting for. The Blueberry Pie shatter is easily the nicest looking concentrate that we've cooked up so far, with a glorious golden/amber hue reminiscent of the golden fleece. Something you'll notice pretty quickly is the sensational smell it gives off (6% Terps!), with notes of deep tanginess and citrus and subtle notes of freshness and lavender. While this shatter does contain higher PPM's than we're used to, the smoke is remarkably smooth and easy on the throat & lungs. What results is a very carefree high that puts you into a pleasant daze. This is an EXCELLENT sesh strain. Leave this out with a nectar collector or a rig while your friends are over and watch them shlurp it up bit by bit over the course of the night. What you'll have is a remarkably silly, ditzy, and overall excellent evening.


Total THC: 71.20%

Total CBD: 0.26%

Total Cannabinoids: 81.75%

Total Terps: 6.16%

Top 3 terpenes:

 - Terpinolene: 1.79%

 - B-Caryophyllene: 0.89%

 - B-Myrcene: 0.84%%

Total Residuals: 158.56 Butane PPM (Particles per Million)

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The "Shlab"

Test Results

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