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Test Results

For us, transparency is key. We feel our customers should know everything about what they're consuming and ask the important questions. On each container of concentrate purchased from G², you'll find a QR code that will pull up the test results for the product you're consuming. The test results contain a detailed breakdown on the cannabinoids, residuals and terpenes found in each and every batch to encourage a more transparent and educated market.

All testing is done locally by CannTest in Anchorage to provide consistent and reliable information to our customers. 

GMO Cookies (Cartridge)  
Batch #1 | 9-10-2021         INDICA HYBRID


GMO is one of the most popular strains to come up to Alaska from the California area, and for good reason. It's body high is HEAVY and leaves you in a dreamy state with an eagerness for pizza and a good movie. The strain has a uniquely bud-like taste to it, with some sweet & stanky notes that give it a very well rounded taste. It is the perfect bridge between old school and new school smokers; satiating anyone looking for some of that potent or some classic gassy flavors. WARNING: This strain is a CREEPER. Our staff noted rather underwhelming onset effects but quickly became smacked over a 10 minute span.


"This is the only cartridge I've ever smoked where I got high like flower gets me high."

-GG Staff Member


Total Residuals: 0 Butane PPM (Particles per Million)

      Total Terps: 2.47%

   -Limonene: 0.89%

   -B-Myrcene: 0.42%

   -B-Caryophyllene: 0.22%


Total THC: 75.38%

Total CBD: 0.44%

Total Cannabinoids: 82.10%

Durban Poison (Cartridge)  
Batch #1 | 9-10-2021             Sativa 


Durban Poison is one of the few strains that can be touted as a PURE sativa. With so many hybrids, crosses and phenos that circulate the market, sometimes it's important to go back to the roots and see what made old-school strains like Durban Poison so famous. Being a straight sativa, expect a heady, cererbral, and euphoric head rush of a high that should be perfect for any outdoor or creative smokers. There are some tangy and sour flavor notes that make this an easy cartridge to puff on in excessive amounts. This cut of Durban is also remarkably high in Terpinolene, a terpene that has unique anti-anxiety properties that can sometimes carve away some of the mental intensity that other sativas might have. What results is a uniquely creative, hyper, and overall FUN high for anyone looking for a fantastic daytime smoke. 


Total Residuals: 0 Butane PPM (Particles per Million)


Total THC: 73.47%

Total CBD: 0.47%

Total Cannabinoids: 79.98%

      Total Terps: 3.47%

   -Terpinolene: 0.96%

   -B-Caryophyllene: 0.80%

   -B-Myrcene: 0.32%

Purple Punch (Cartridge)  
Batch #1 | 9-10-2021             Indica 


Purple Punch has one of the most interesting profiles and highs of any of our cartridge made thus far. With a flavor reminiscent of wine grapes, olives and sugar, the flavor isn't the only thing that makes this so unique. It's two predominant terpenes are near polar opposites; A-Pinene is a perky & euphoric terpene typically found in sativas, while Linalool is known for it's soothing and sedative effects commonly found in indicas. What results is a well-rounded high that exhibits some very surreal, relaxing vibes. A wonderful sesh strain, this cartridge shines in late night hot-boxes with friends or romantic evenings.


Total Residuals: 0 Butane PPM (Particles per Million)


Total THC: 72.79%

Total CBD: 0.56%

Total Cannabinoids: 79.19%

      Total Terps: 3.28%

   -A-Pinene: 1.14%

   -Linalool: 0.91%

   -B-Caryophyllene: 0.89%

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