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Test Results

For us, transparency is key. We feel our customers should know everything about what they're consuming and ask the important questions. On each container of concentrate purchased from G², you'll find a QR code that will pull up the test results for the product you're consuming. The test results contain a detailed breakdown on the cannabinoids, residuals and terpenes found in each and every batch to encourage a more transparent and educated market.

All testing is done locally by CannTest in Anchorage to provide consistent and reliable information to our customers. 

Cultivated by:

Citradelic Cookies (Shatter)  
Batch #1 | 9-21-2021      Sativa Hybrid

This run of shatter is STRAIN SPECIFIC, made exclusively with Citradelic Cookies grown by our friends over at Parallel 64 in Anchorage, AK. 


This batch of shatter is easily our best yet. With a beautiful color,  0 residual solvents, and an unusually high terpene content for shatter, we are very proud to introduce this strain specific run of Citradelic Cookies. One of the first things that we noticed was the ridiculously high amount of Terpinolene it contained. Terpinolene is a relatively rare terpene that is known for its creative and mental clarity and is a favorite amongst creatives and thinkers alike. (other popular strains with high Terpinolene are Jack Herer, Ghost Train Haze & Golden  Goat)

The high Terpinolene gives this shatter some unique psychoactive elation while the other surrounding terpenes support you with a blissful body buzz. There are a plethora of unique smells like basil and sour-lime with a uniquly sweet mint & herb aftertaste. This is a profoundly well rounded strain and perfect for the all-day-dabbers, the artists, and the philosphers of the Alaskan smoking scene. 


Total THC: 70.52%

Total CBD: 0.43%

Total Cannabinoids: 83.82%

Total Terps: 4.72%

Top 3 terpenes:

 - Terpinolene: 2.11%

 - B-Caryophyllene: 0.75%

 - B-Pinene: 0.33%

Total Residuals: ZERO Butane PPM (Particles per Million)

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Test Results