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Mr. Budke - Lab Director

Our resident chemistry expert and trap fanatic, Mr. Budke comes from a formal background in pharmaceutical-grade chemistry and has only recently worked with cannabis. Don't mistake him for a novice though, he has quickly risen through the ranks and become one of the state's top extractors with a strong focus on precision, hard work and integrity. Keep an ear out next time you're in the shop; if you hear someone blasting Future from the back,  you can bet he's whipping up something sensational.


Randy - Packaging Manager

The man the myth the legend, Randy is a man who can do the work of 5 men with a smile on his face. Always bringing a positive attitude to the workplace, 'Eye Candy Randy' is not only a packaging beast but also our resident concentrate reviewer. If you ever need a recommendation on the best new dabs coming out of the lab, give him a shout!

Rosebud - Edible Tech

Rosebud is one of our newest members of the staff but has immediately shown a strong work ethic and keen eye for interesting and delicious flavors here in the kitchen. Stay tuned for new goodies coming out soon, from infused hot cocoa to decadent peanut butter cookies!


Alyssa - Front End Manager

The smiling face of the front is responsible for the good natured attitude and professionalism of our retail team. One of our longest tenured employees, Alyssa has brought a colorful (albeit mostly pink) touch to the shop with her past experience in a formal art background. Aside from the shop, Alyssa is also a local business owner of A. Marie Artworks where she sells some of her eclectic and psychedelic paintings and apparel. Check out her work at:

Kami - Shop Mom

Kami can usually be seen bustling around the shop putting up decorations, organizing the storefront, or out buying snacks and treats for the staff and customers. While she doesn't partake in the devil's lettuce, she's certainly done her research and is eager to help anyone stopping in for the first time or happy to catch up with our wonderful regulars. 


Chris - Marketing Manager

A man who needs no introduction but gets one anyway, Chris is the brains behind the image/branding of Green Growcer and one of the original co-creators of the Hash Dash. Coming from a history of over 15 years as a medic, Chris is a family man who brings an outsiders perspective to the weed business as a non-smoker. However, that doesn't stop him from taking some of the most breath-taking photos & close-ups of flower & dabs in the state.

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