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Test Results

For us, transparency is key. We feel our customers should know everything about what they're consuming and ask the important questions. On each container of concentrate purchased from G², you'll find a QR code that will pull up the test results for the product you're consuming. The test results contain a detailed breakdown on the cannabinoids, residuals and terpenes found in each and every batch to encourage a more transparent and educated market.

All testing is done locally by CannTest in Anchorage to provide consistent and reliable information to our customers. 

Poison Mango  (Crumble)  
Batch #DB-1-18 | 9-30-2021         SATIVA HYBRID

Cultivated by:


This beautiful batch of crumble is a cross of Durban Poison & Mango from our friends at AK Skunkworks in Talkeetna.


For such a dangerous sounding name, Poison Mango is a very approachable and enjoyable concentrate with its only goal being to boost your mood. It's a slow acting poison that steadily seeps into your brain with subtle sparks of creativity & and a pleasant buildup of euphoria. Durban Poison (one of its parent strains) can sometimes exhibit paranoid or mentally overwhelming effects, but Mango (the other parent strain) provides a beautiful balance to this high. If you've had a bad experience with a sativa heavy dab in the past, give this one a try (but start slow!). It's a very welcoming, very happy high that will help you clean, create, and explore the beautiful world around you.


Total THC: 75.44%

Total CBD: 0.45%

Total Cannabinoids: 89.55%


Total Terps: 3.98%

- B-Myrcene: 1.37%

- Terpinolene: 0.88%

- Limonene: 0.34%

Total Residuals: 5.62 Butane PPM (Particles per Million)

Test Results

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